In every part of the world, the issue of police brutality is becoming a norm with records of many extra judicial killings. This was gravely evident in October 2020 when the Nigerian youths took to the streets in different parts of the country and clamoured for an end of the police unit called SARS with the #EndSARS trending at number one for several weeks. This protest was joined by Nigerians in different parts of the world and eventually, the unit was disbanded. This did not in any way reduce or put an end to police brutality as many reports of more brutality was recorded during and after the protest.

Headfort Foundation witnessed a higher increase in the number of reports of police brutality, extortion, arbitrary arrest and harassment both online and offline and this led to the development of the Lawyers NowNow App.

Headfort Foundation developed the Lawyers NowNow App as a means of digitalizing the Lawyers without Border project. This App allows every indigent person without any form of discrimination to access justice anywhere in Nigeria freely. This App is available for download on IOS and Android and it can be used on behalf of another person.

The App has provision for emergency services, legal advice and professional services. These are the different sections through which request for a lawyer can be made.

Once a user applies for a lawyer by filling a short form from any of the available services, the App automatically connects users to the lawyer nearest to that location. The lawyer can be contacted through a phone call, SMS or WhatsApp message.

The lawyer will receive notification of the application and will attend to the user free of charge. After the completion of the case, the user has an option of sending in a review and rating the performance of the lawyer and the lawyer can also give his report. This is in a bid to prevent abuse by either lawyers or users.

The professional service section of the App is a paid service. This is the area that covers all other legal services which do not fall under police brutality, harassment, extortion or arbitrary arrest and are not simply seeking legal advice. The proceeds from the paid services is used in furtherance of the objectives of the organization and to ensure sustainability.


· To reduce the rate of police brutality, extortion, harassment or arbitrary arrest.

·  To provide free legal representation for every victim of police brutality in Nigeria.

·       To collect data in respect of police brutality in Nigeria.

·  To provide access to justice from the root of criminal justice system.

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