Police brutality is no longer news in Nigeria. Nigerians especially the numerous uneducated ones are not only brutalized by the police but also made to write statements at the police stations to subsequently incriminate themselves in court thereby landing them in jail and congesting the prisons. Headfort Foundation initiated the sensitization project to help reduce the rate of ignorance of the law among Nigerians.

This project is majorly to sensitize Nigerians  on their human rights within the sphere of the law especially on steps to take before, during and after they are being wrongfully or rightfully apprehended by the police. This will afford citizens the opportunity of being abreast of the law in securing their freedom and thereafter decongesting the over congested Nigerian Prisons.

The targeted audience are majorly taxi/bus drivers, mechanics, tailors, stylist, domestic staffs and menial workers in general and students of senior secondary schools. These set of people go to their various places of work every day and fall victim of police brutality because they are illiterates who lack information on their rights and what is expected of them to do when apprehended by the police justly or unjustly.

With this project, Headfort Foundation equips the target audience with information and further give them the helpline to call in case of emergency. The lawyers in our team are ready to render free services to them. The sensitization will be at different venues e.g taxi parks, event centers and major town halls. The program will hold once in every four months at different locations. The speakers at the program are practicing lawyers who are well experienced on police cases, criminal justice system of Nigeria and abreast with the major law of the land to wit; the Nigerian Police Act and Nigerian Constitution.





· To equip the Nigerian citizens with information and education that prevents them from falling prey to police brutality.

·   To enhance them with the steps to take within the caprice of the law should they ever fall victim of police brutality which is the current trend in Nigeria with youths as the target.

·      To decongest the cells and prisons in Nigeria by ensuring that youths are rightfully informed of their rights and the steps to take when those rights are infringed upon in order to avoid being unnecessarily arrested and dumped in the prisons thereby multiplying the number of inmates in prison on a daily basis.

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