Francis, a student at University of Lagos and an entrepreneur in 2019 took Tricycle from Obalende to Falomo and gave the rider, 1000 Naira Note for his fare and he was given N900 change being 500 Naira note and two 200 Naira notes. At falomo, he bought airtime of N200 and proceeded to a vendor to buy newspaper worth N250. He handed over the N500 note to the vendor who alleged that the note was fake. Argument ensued and this attracted the attention of a nearby police officer who immediately arrested him. He explained to the Police Officer that he got the money from the Tricycle rider he boarded and didn’t know it was fake. The vendor told the police he wasn’t interested in any case and collected his Newspaper back.

To his dismay, Francis was taken to the police station. He was granted bail at a sum he couldn’t afford and few days later, he was charged to court for being in possession of fake currency. One of our lawyers was present in court the day he was arraigned and volunteered to represent him because he didn’t have any legal representation.

Our lawyer relentlessly applied for the striking out of the application and it was granted on the third attempt. He spent 3 months at the Ikoyi Correctional Centre.

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